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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Decorations, Halloween Decor

Every year around September 1st, people start getting in the mood for Halloween. In fact, some of us are in that mood all year long! Picking a costume is always a daunting task, there are so many to choose from....but decorating your surroundings can be even harder!

You can go all out decorating your home, car, office space, dorm room, just about anywhere that you spend any amount of time. You can find Halloween themed wall clocks, door knockers, door bells, candle holders, table displays. The list is endless!So, here you'll find a few ideas to help get you started on decorating for Halloween. Some things here are store bought and some are crafts that you can make at home. Setting the mood for Halloween has never been so fun!

Halloween Tree's

Halloween is full of traditions and having a Halloween Tree in our home has been one of ours for almost two decades now. Read about two of our Halloween Tree's below:Halloween Tree - 2008

A new Halloween tree we have just received and are looking forward to decorating and showing it off this year!Halloween Tree - 2007

This year we've added a entire Halloween Tree display to our dining room that's very impressive and guaranteed to impress your guests!Halloween Tree - 2003

We added our third Halloween Tree buy painting a white outdoor Xmas tree black.

Halloween Scene Setters

Use these great Halloween decorations to convert the walls in your home into spooky places.

Halloween Wall Facades

How-to instructions for building Scene Setter based wall facades.

Halloween Door Trim & Facades

Transform your front door into extremely spooky portals of doom with these door frame facades and trim!

Haunted Curtains

A spooky effect for your Halloween haunted house.

Halloween Bathroom Decor

Why not decorate your bathroom for Halloween and give your guests a real treat.

Halloween Decorative Pedestals

Stands for displaying your Jack O' Lanterns and Halloween props on.

Creepy Halloween Cloth

Used in commercial haunted attractions for years, distressed, tattered, torn and shredded looking cloth can make your home look deserted and dilapidated.

Halloween Scarecrows

Scarecrows have also become a source for wonderfully scary Halloween decorations - Check out our step-by-step instructions.

Lighted Pumpkin Walkway

Created a lighted pumpkin walkway running down our driveway to our front porch.

Weird Window Covers

Creepy window coverings are a popular way to decorate your house as another way to creep-out your Halloween visitors.
Halloween Beacon Build our easy to make Halloween Beacon that can be seen for hundreds of yards to help attract trick or treaters!

Halloween Clocks

Halloween and Autumn time pieces to add to your home decor year round or just the Halloween season.

Halloween Door Decorations

Set the scene right at your own front door!

Setting A Spooky Halloween Table

Gomez and Morticia would be proud of this spooky table setting we made.

Creepy Candelabras and Candle Holders

Need to add a little ambience to your haunt? The Spider Web Floor Candelabra is very cool and ultra Goth.


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